Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Memorial Half Marathon Recap

This is super late, but here's my brief recap of the half on April 26. It was the 20th anniversary of the bombing. I didn't live in OKC, and I was only in 5th grade, but I remember what I was doing when they told us. I was in detention, of all places, for not doing my math homework lol. The teachers didn't tell us until lunchtime, even though the bombing occurred at 9:02am. The bombing is a sensitive memory for many Oklahomans. The moment of silence by the survivor tree was poignant and emotional.

I decided to wear my calf sleeves to fend off any lingering shin problems from changing shoes. They worked alright. I felt very color-coordinated, lol. Mike dropped me off near the start line around 5:15am. The survivor tree service started at 5:30, I think. The race started at 6:30.

The race went as expected-I was slow. My garmin said that I averaged a 11:28min/mile, which isn't too shabby, but I've done better. My time goal was not a PR, but to just finish in less than 2:30. I was struggling, but still managed to continue on, and I was on pace to finish in time. Then, around mile 11 or so, my left big toe completely curled up, and I couldn't uncurl it. It didn't hurt at all, which was weird, but I couldn't continue running. I ended up sitting on someone's lawn so I could take my shoe off and massage my toe until it straightened out. It took about 3 mins, and of course, my finish time was 2:33. Once the toe was straightened out, the end of the race was fine. I even tried to race some dude at the end, but he refused. Weirdo.

I got my shiny medal, and a finisher's shirt that actually fits (woot!), and went home and slept for several hours.

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