Sunday, June 21, 2015

#2: Father's Day 5K

This morning was my second 5K of the summer, the Father's Day 5K at the Myriad Gardens in OKC.

It did not go as planned, but oh well. The race started at 8am, and it was already hot. The temp was 80F by 8am, the wind was SSW at 15mph, and the humidity was 77%. I managed to turn off my watch as I crossed the start line, and I didn't get it restarted for about 10 seconds. Being me, of course I went out too fast in the first mile. The course was a sunny run through midtown, and I didn't carry my own water, so I got overheated. My first mile was 9:10, and the second was 12:09. I did a lot of walking while my stomach reminded me about how it feels about going out too fast in a summer race. I finally got it under control around halfway through-I even ran through a sprinkler and it felt glorious. The water on my legs was enough to cool me off so I could continue.

When I got to the finish, I got my water and banana and sat down until my brain returned to the building. I saw them posting results, so I went over. It was a computer screen and the bib number was manually entered by some random HS kid. I was super duper excited to see that I had placed second in my age group again! I was quite shocked, actually. I started texting my husband and one of my friends, saying how excited I was. I never place in a city race! I wanted a pic of the screen, so I went over and asked them to look me up again. That's when I noticed that the time they had for me was 22 mins. I've never run a 22 min 5K in my life, and besides, my garmin said 32:52. I let them know that my time was wrong, briefly spoke to a cyclist friend who also ran the race, and headed home feeling a little bit disappointed. I should have known that I didn't actually place, but since this is an inaugural race on Father's Day, I had thought that it was possible.

When I got home and showered, I checked my online results. Finally, the time was right (33:07), but they had me in the Male 30-34 age group, lol. Finally got that straightened out, and here are my stats for this race:

Time: 33:07
 O: 94 of 190
 F: 35 of 91
 F30-34: 7 of 17
Weight: 116lbs

The 3rd 5K of the summer, the Hot 5K, is Friday night at... somewhere. I should look that up, and probably figure out when packet pickup is before Friday gets here, lol. I will definitely carry my water bottle this time. I have been conned into running an obstacle run on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be able to walk on Sunday. I have a history of sprained ankles, but I'm going to proactively KT tape them to prevent that. I'm not incredibly enthused about running this race because I'm not in great shape, but it is what it is. My bootcamp teammates are all going to want to be competitive, and the event is timed, so I'll probably end up running it alone. If I don't blog about it within a week or so, then that means I'm probably still stuck in their tiger pit obstacle. It's supposed to be a 7ft deep pit that you have to climb out of. Being 4'11", I'll be in there for a while, lol.

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