Monday, June 18, 2012

My running schedule sucks, but I am lifting weights

My running lately has been terrible. I haven't been running much at all, although I am doing a group fitness class at least once/week since May. I think the cross training will help me. I'm already lifting bigger weights than when I started, so I'm making progress. My gym also recently got a rowing machine, and I plan on cross training on it too.

This is a recap of my running since I last blogged:

5/15/12 (Tuesday):
Stats: Treadmill class in work gym. 2.57 miles in 29:26. Hills, sprints, basically death on a treadmill. Sucked majorly. lol.

5/22/12 (Tuesday):
Stats: treadmill. 1.3 miles, 19:11. (2) 30 sec sprints at 7.0, walked up one hill-30 secs at 5.0 inc, 30 secs at 10 inc. Ave speed=3.7mph. Teacher wasn't available for treadmill class, so I tried to do it on my own.

5/28/12 (Monday):
Stats: at Hefner with Angie. Forgot to set MMR app for first half, so numbers are estimated: 3.8 miles in ~1hr. Approx pace was 12:55.

6/7/12 (Thursday):
Stats: 2.3 miles, 30:03, ave speed=4.6.
Notes: Watched Walking Dead season 1 ep 1. Not a good idea to watch a scary zombie show in a gym with headphones on. The opening door could be mistaken for monsters attacking and will raise your heart rate.

6/9/12 (Saturday):
Stats: Hefner with Angie. 4.25 miles, 12:11 pace.

I have plans to run with Angie again this Saturday morning. I think having a running partner who is counting on me to show up helps me actually show up.

Now on to some exciting news. A few weeks ago, I registered for my first half marathon. Gnome and I will be running the Spirit of Survival half in Lawton on Oct 7. Our half training officially starts on July 16 (28 days away). I think I will be able to force myself to run once I am officially training. Next week, I am also going to register for the Dallas Half Marathon (formerly the Dallas White Rock) on Dec 9. I am currently working 70hrs/week in order to get out of debt. We will pay off the last of our credit cards on Nov 30. What better way to celebrate than to run a half?

I am also thinking about running the Memorial Marathon at the end of April next year.