Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2012 Stats and Updates

A lot has happened since my last real post. I ended up returning the Saucony shoes a few days after buying them because they were defective. They had a piece of hard plastic in the side that was rubbing on my feet. I ended up getting the Brooks Glycerin 10s that I wanted.

The polar hrm that I won also didn't like me. It read my resting heart rate as 210 and flipped out when I tried to do exercise, so our purchasing dept is returning it for me. Hopefully I'll get the replacement in a week or so.

This past Sunday was my runiversary. I celebrated by skipping my planned makeup run (I had to skip thursday because of work issues, and had planned to make it up on Sunday), and then working at the second job. I sure do know how to commemorate anniversaries.

Liz and I ran her first race, the Sandridge Santa Run 5K, together, on Dec 8th. I am so proud of my bestie for sticking with running and doing so well.

Clearly we don't care about how we act in public. This is why we're BFFs.

Now for 2012 stats:

I ran 423.06 miles.
I ran 109 times.
I raced 5 times:
     Redbud Classic 10K: 1:15:31 (PR)
     Chesapeake Riversport Challenge 5K: 37:33 (technically a PR, but it fell)
     Spirit of Survival Half Marathon: 2:36:45 (PR)
     Putnam City Cancer Classic 5K: 32:14 (PR)
     Sandridge Santa Run 5K: 44:35

I ran for approximately 91 hours (excel is fighting me on making the formula work, so that was quick adding up with a calculator).
I ran the most miles in September (63.21), just barely beating December (63.15).
I ran the least in May (9.68), which proves that I must have a race on the schedule in order to stay motivated.

I registered for the Marathon on Jan 2. If I had paid attention, I would have registered on Jan 1 and saved myself ~$35. Oh well. My gym is also gearing up for another fitness challenge. This one is the annual Coast to Coast challenge. You make teams of 6 people, and you run. The team that gets the ~3000 miles that would take you from LA to NY first, wins. Most of the runs have to be done in the gym to count, so it's quite fortunate that I prefer to run on the treadmill. You can count 15 miles per week outside of the gym, and most of the fitness classes count for 3 miles. I am on the team that won last year (I did not participate last year as I hadn't joined the gym yet). It's really nice to know that, barring injury, I will actually be an asset to the team, rather than the person who is always picked last.

We are 74 days away from the feared 20 mile long run. It just so happens to coincide with the annual DFW Fiber Fest weekend, where I go to my other best friend's house in TX and we go play with yarn for the weekend. We'll do the 20 miler there. This will be my 4th year to go, I think. Maybe the 5th? I'm not sure. Liz will go with me, and we will run.

We're 96 days away from the marathon.

ETA: I have my first toenail injury! lol. Lost/damaged toenails are common amongst runners. I apparently cracked the second toenail on my right foot during my 12 mile long run last Saturday. Oops.

Friday, January 11, 2013


I promise I'm still here. On Dec 30, I got the wild hair to make a spreadsheet with all of my running stats/data from 2012. I wanted to post that on New Years Eve, or maybe New Years Day, but it's taking me forever to do! I just can't post until I have that done (blame the OCD). But I'm still running. I've registered for the marathon, so it's set in stone now. I found out today that I won the drawing in my work gym's last fitness challenge, and I won a heart rate monitor strap (and watch? I think?)! I am so excited about it! It hasn't come in yet, but the data lover in me will thoroughly enjoy it.

I am really trying to get my update post together with stats. My goal is to finish it before my 1 year mark of running (Jan 20, 2012).