Friday, March 16, 2012

Catchup post, with a few lessons learned

2 jobs are really making it hard for me to remember to blog. I'm behind on both blogs. So this is a major catch up post.

2.25.12 (Saturday):
Distance: I had to start my run on a different treadmill, and I really think that the display is inaccurate on that treadmill. It said I ran .71 miles in 20 mins, when I ran every 5 mins (so 4x). The speed felt off. Once I was able to get on my treadmill, I ran 3.2 miles in 46:30. I ran 9x at 5.5 for 1.5 mins each, walked the rest. 50:00=3.5 miles. 4.0mph, 16:13 pace.
Time: Who freaking knows, thanks to the evil treadmill. 46:30/50:00
Notes: Biggest Loser. This run taught me an interesting lesson about my comfort zone. Take my normal treadmill away from me, and I get all panicky. This worries me with a 10K coming up.
Pic of treadmills below. The Evil Treadmill is the one on the left. My happy place is on the right.

2.28.12 (Tuesday):
Distance: 3 miles in 41:30. 4 miles in 55:30. With CD: 4.24 miles in 60:00, 4.2mph, 15:08 pace. Ran 11x at 5.5 for 1.5 mins each. Walked at 3.6.
Time: 55:30/60:00
Notes: Grimm: Last Grimm Standing.

3.1.12 (Thursday):
Distance: 3.75 miles in 52:20. Ran 10x for 2 min each. With CD, 3.87 miles in 55:30, 4.1mph, 15:50 pace.
Time: 52:20/55:30
Notes: SVU

3.3.12 (Saturday):
Distance: 4 miles in 54:25. Ran 10x at 5.7 for 2 mins each, walked rest at 3.7. With CD: 58:30, 4.19 miles, 4.2mph, 14:45 pace
Time: 54:25/58:30
Notes: Grimm

3.6.12 (Tuesday):
Distance: 4 miles in 51:40. Ran 10x at 5.7 for 2.5 mins each, walked rest at 3.7. With CD: 56:40, 4.22 miles, 4.4mph, 14:31 pace
Time: 51:40/56:40
Notes: Once Upon A Time: Dreamy. I also noticed that I have pretty calves now. Evidence below:

3.8.12 (Thursday):
Distance: the treadmill stopped on me at 11 mins when I stopped to take off some layers of clothing-1 mile, 2 runs. After that, 1.77 miles in 23:35, 4.5mph, ran 4x for 2 min each. 14:10 pace. No cool down.
Time: 34:35
Notes: SVU

3.10.12 (Saturday):
Distance: Bad treadmill: 8 mins, .27 miles (so wrong!). 1 run. Good treadmill: 0:4:10 to get to .27 miles (walking most of that). 47:00, 3.68 miles, 4.7mph, 13:26 pace (w/out CD).
Time: 55:00
Notes: I hate the evil treadmill.

3.13.12 (Tuesday):
Distance: 2.01 miles in 26:17, 4.0 ave mph, 14:30 pace. (4) 3 min runs at 5.8, walked at 3.7. Stopped early because my head started pounding and my face was beet red. Got overheated.
Time: 26:17
Notes: SVU: Child Services. I think the overheating was a combo of pushing myself too much and the a/c not working well in the gym.

3.16.12 (Friday):
Distance: 4 miles in 52:52, 4.5mph, 14:02 pace (Not including cool down). Ran 8x at 5.5 for 3 mins each, ran at 8 min mark for 1.5 mins, skipped run at 43 min mark (felt too hot). Walked rest at 3.6. Did a 20 min cool down because biggest loser wasn't over (.7 miles).
Time: 52:52
Notes:  Biggest Loser. I realized that I can run farther if I slow down. I'm not at the point where I can run for 3 mins at 5.8, but I can do it at 5.5.