Sunday, November 4, 2012

A change of plans, a new PR, and new shoes

It's a day of new stuff! I'll start with the change of plans. Around 2 weeks ago, my bff Liz and I decided that it would make more sense economically to do a local marathon rather than the Cowtown in Ft. Worth, in Feb. It just doesn't make sense to pay for a hotel and gas and try to drive 3 hours after running 26.2 if our DHs can't go to the race. Therefore, we have officially switched to the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 28. I had to rework the training plan; we are using Hal Higdon's Novice Supreme plan, but we didn't want to go all the way back to week 5. So I duplicated weeks in the plan until the schedule is back on track.

Just because I can't bear to lose my record of what I did in the weeks between my half and switching races, here's my training plan prior to switching:

And here's the new one, as of Thursday:

The Putnam City Cancer Classic 5K was yesterday. The bad news is that it was supposed to be Liz's first race, but she got sick and had to stay home. The good news is that I PR'd. My chip time is 32:13.63, so I'll just call it 32:14. I finished 120th of 235 overall, and 7 of 18 in my age group (F 25-29). I am really happy that I finished in the top half of my age group. The shirt is pretty awesome:

My finishing photo (taken by DH) looks pretty much the same as the one from my half:

Finally, I bought some new running shoes. While I fell in love with a pair of Brooks Glycerin 10s, my mom sent me $100 for my birthday, so I couldn't swing $140 for the perfect shoes. You can bet that I'm going to watch for them to go on sale though, or maybe I can get them for Christmas. I ended up with a pair of Saucony Progrid Ride 5 in the blue/white color. They were my second choice, but I still like them. In a weird coincidence, they are the exact same kind of shoes that Liz runs in.

Run Summary:

10/17/12: (Wednesday)
Stats: 3 miles in 37:05. Shins a little sore but ok. Left hip sore too. Watched Cosby; lifted weights afterwards-legs & shoulders.

10/18/12: (Thursday)
Stats: 3 miles in 36:20

10/20/12: (Saturday)
Stats: 6.02 miles at hefner in 1:13:16; HP & the prisoner of Azkaban

10/23/12: (Tuesday)
Stats: 3 miles, TM, 35:39

10/24/12: (Wednesday)
Stats: 3 miles, TM, 37:49

10/28/12: (Sunday)
Stats: 6 miles, TM, 1:11:31

10/31/12: (Wednesday)
Stats: 6 miles, TM, 1:11, 23, Once Upon A Time

11/3/12: (Saturday)
Stats: Putnam City Cancer Classic. 3.1 miles, 32:14.